Our Story

The Beginning

Our love story, like most, wasn’t planned but it did have a little help from a friend. We sort of wandered into it you might say. My husband Steve and I met through Pam, a close college friend. Pam, set me up with my husband, Steve and our love story began. From that first meeting, I knew I liked him. We grew to share our interests and our passions and after a few years, sealed our vows with a kiss in a Prague castle, (Steve’s idea) with family and close friends.

Love must be nurtured to age well, deepen and grow in complexity – like a good whiskey. We stumbled upon our shared passion for whiskey and have enjoyed wandering around the world to taste and enjoy. Wandering Still is a direct result of our love for each other, whiskey, travel and adventure. We hope you enjoy wandering in, taking something home to share with those you love and wandering back for more.

Love Story


Savor the Flavors

Taste is a personal experience, but one that can be enjoyed with friends and those we love. We invite you to wander in and taste. Experience the sensation of sweetness, sourness, saltiness, bitterness and savory on your tongue. Whether you enjoy the boldness of our spirits or the unexpected pleasure of our vinegars and oils, our Tasting Bar was created with you in mind.


At The Bar

Good things tend to stay around; they linger on the tongue and create memories that are not easily forgotten. Join us at our Huntington Beach vomFass store and linger. Whether you are looking for a special spirit to experience at our tasting bar or a new flavor to try in the kitchen, we have just the thing.

Wander in and linger for a bit.




Wandering Still is a direct result of our love for each other, our passion for spirits and our desire to travel. Wandering Still opened the Huntington Beach vomFass store to share these passions with our family, our friends and new friends we make along the way. Meet Carol and Steve!



Wandering Still is an experience, one that is to be tasted, enjoyed and remembered. We have designed our Huntington Beach vomFass store and our travel experiences for those that would like to wander with us. Wander in and stay awhile.


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