About Us

Wandering Still was founded in 2015 By Carol Mathis and her husband Steve. The mission of Wandering Still is to provide opportunities to experience spirits, whiskey, travel and adventure both near and far. Carol and Steve share a passion for adventure and their love for each other lead them to share a love for whiskey and travel. Annalee Mathis joined Wandering Still in 2016 when they decided to open a vomFass store in Huntington Beach California; just one more way to provide tasting adventures nearby.

Whether you visit their vomFass location, join Wandering Still as a member or travel abroad on a Wandering Still adventure, we hope you linger with us and wander back for more.


Annalee found her passion for olive oil and vinegar 40 years ago. While living in Pedley with her husband they took a day trip to Graben Olive House in Ontario CA. They had a wonderful tour of the grounds, learned all about the picking and production of olives and process into olive oil. Later companies such as Temecula Olive Oil, 41 Olive, Baker and Olive, came into fashion and it gave Annalee the opportunity to allow her passion to really take off. The verity of infused oils and flavored vinegars became a staple at an Annalee Mathis dinner party, with salad dressings, bread dipping, glazes, and marinades everyone knew Annalee’s food would be well prepared and delicious.

While in Bratislava; on wedding trip of her son Steve to Carol; Annalee and her husband Michael snuck away to have an olive oil tasting, complete with charcuterie and cheese. Together they enjoyed the tastes of Europe’s finest while remembering the how over 35 years ago they started their own journey together in a life and in tasting.

When Carol asked Annalee to join her on this journey of new taste with vomFass, Annalee didn’t hesitate to say yes.

Annalee and Michael will be celebrating their 40th anniversary this June 2017.


Carol and her husband Steve found a passion for tasting and learning early in their relationship. Whiskey tasting classes have been taken in Las Vegas, rum tasting in the Carrabin, beer tasting in Iceland, tequila tasting in Mexico, palinka (young brandy) tasting in Hungary, grappa tasting in Greece and wine tasting in Germany, Hungary, Mexico, and throughout California.

How the process can change, how the local region impacts the flavor, how all the micor nuances can make a difference in the overall favor or the way that culture expects you to enjoy that flavor became just as much a part of the conversation and the taste sensation they were experiencing. But at the root of it all, it was how Carol and Steve continued to connect and grow together through each of their experiences.

Whiskey became their fast favorite thing to taste around the world and now with 180 bottles currently, their hall and dining area is lined with shelves full of the flavors they enjoy the most.

Join Steve and Carol on their next tasting journey. Scotland anyone?